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Rules are meant to be broken, and limits exist to be pushed. DON TOLIVER travels at light speed beyond all barriers, borders, and boundaries. The Houston, TX multi-platinum singer, songwriter, and artist morphed from an acclaimed underground curiosity into an undeniable and uncontainable superstar with an incomparable style dipped in hip-hop gloss, intergalactic R&B, future-minded pop, and pure rockstar attitude. Even in a game led by outliers, no one sounds, looks, or feels quite like Don does. It’s why he’s landed successive hits, toppled charts, sold out shows everywhere, and collaborated with everyone from Kanye West to Justin Bieber multiple times. However, he never slows down. In fact, Don’s a few steps ahead again in 2022 and onward.

We’re all just trying to catch up…

“I’m always trying to push the limits as much as possible,” he affirms. “I’m evolving all the way as an artist. I’m completely embracing Don Toliver. I was able to soak up everything—all of the knowledge from Cactus Jack and our family members. I’ve gotten inspired and evolved. I understand where my creativity is at right now, but I’m taking it to the next level.”

He has consistently leveled up since emerging in 2017. He crashed the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 with his 2020 full-length debut, Heaven Or Hell. It eventually picked up a gold certification and spawned anthems—“After Party” and “No Idea”—as well as the gold-certified “Cardigan.” In between collaborations with Eminem, Nas, and Rico Nasty, he powered Internet Money’s smash “Lemonade” (feat. Don Toliver, NAV, & Gunna) and “His & Hers” (feat. Lil Uzi Vert, Don Toliver, & Gunna). However, he reached new critical and commercial heights with his 2021 sophomore offering, Life Of A Don. It bowed at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and boasted “What You Need.” Inciting tastemaker applause from Rolling Stone, NME, Complex, and more, Pitchfork attested “The Texas rapper’s latest album sounds so damn good,” and Clash dubbed it “a fantastic album that reinforces his status.” Not to mention, Kanye recruited him for “Moon” (feat. Kid Cudi & Don Toliver) from Donda and “Broken Road” on Donda 2. Plus, Pusha T sought him out for “Scrape It Off” (feat. Don Toliver & Lil Uzi Vert) off It’s Almost Dry. Following “Don’t Go” with Bieber and Skrillex, he reunited with Bieber on “Honest” in 2022, storming the Top Triller U.S. Chart at #1.

Hitting the road, his first headline run The Life Of A Don Tour proved life-changing, to say the least.

“What the first tour did was crazy,” he observes. “It really gave me time to sit back and analyze all of my albums together. It allowed me to keep the torch for the next vibe I’m creating.”

At the same time, he continued to write and record music at a prolific pace, not only plotting his next era, but actively shaping it behind-the-scenes throughout 2022. One collaborator enabled him to dive even deeper though…

“Ye showed me what I really need to know in order to move forward,” he notes. “He was a big inspiration. I’ve learned how to be an all-around artist for myself.”

With more music, shows, and surprises on the horizon, Don Toliver invites the rest of us into the future with him now.

“My experiences have brought me to a point where I’m ready to go full blast,” he leaves off. “I’m building something new. I want to keep the evolution going and make music for dreamers who want to reach a higher dimension. I’m speaking to anyone who has a different type of dream. I’m trying to spread love and creativity through timeless music.”