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EMMA HEMING WILLIS was born in Malta but spent the majority of her early childhood in London, which set the framework for the start of her 20+ year modeling career. Emma Heming Willis established herself as a successful model by working with top fashion and beauty companies across the globe. At the height of her career, she fell in love with her husband, Bruce Willis, and set her sights on starting a family in Southern California. Emma’s first business venture as founder of CocoBaba skincare was born from a desire to find a safe solution to soothe her stretch marks during pregnancy. Heming Willis worked with sustainable suppliers and product experts who hold the highest cosmetic standards to develop the CocoBaba skincare line. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for brand-building made it clear that this was just the beginning. In May 2023, Emma joined forces with co-founder Helen Christoni to announce the official launch of Make Time Wellness, a company offering science-backed supplements tailored specifically for women, with a focus on brain health, body, and beauty. Emma has been able to use her experiences to inspire the development of Make Time Wellness - not just as a brand, but a movement. Emma is on a mission to make time to talk openly and put women’s brain health and overall wellness above all else.