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Born and raised in Paris, SUKI represents a new generation of creative - versatile and autodidact. Influenced by the 90’s and early 2000's, she grew up to the sounds of legends such as Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, and Jimi Hendrix. At only 15, she launched her SoundCloud platform, revealing her first compositions and leaving people hungry for more. As her singular style refined, she developed a vast palette of styles while always keeping at the core of her music a delightful catharsis. 

Don’t get fooled by her striking looks and her hypnotic universe, Suki’s values are guided by her Franco-Polish, Native American, Malagasy, and Malaysian heritage and by her passions for all things music, cars, and fashion. 

For her debut single, Suki decided to take you on a trip down memory lane. With “Blessing”, a bittersweet nostalgia flowing over a lively beat produced by Jeremy Chatelain, she is serving you the perfect vibe to get your end of year grooving. 

Suki allows us to enter her multisided universe with a new animated video for her new single "Lipgloss". Directed by Kahina Mounier, the mood is set from the beginning, drawing inspirations from the Manga culture dipped in her girly yet mysterious aesthetic the whole imagery is highly nostalgic and leaves us craving for more. The upbeat music is in constant contrast with the lyrics mirroring Suki's spirit. 

Summer 2022, La Villa Galaxie welcomed Suki to perform acoustic versions of her songs. This glass house overlooking the bay of Cannes has seen the greatest names of fashion and cinema pass by. In fact, the blissful setting allowed a soft and intimate session with the artist letting the audience discover one of the many sides of Suki. As her character unfolds one step at the time, she keeps on surprising the crowd.