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AOKI LEE SIMMONS is a model on the rise, celebrating her first magazine cover with the September issue of Teen Vogue and first global campaign as the face of the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2023 collection. Her story, background and values, as well as her unique way of sharing them with the world are what make her stand out. Utilizing social media as a platform to speak for herself, she publicly advocates for social and political causes, young women’s education, and humanitarian work on social media. Whether engaging in discussions on youth voting alongside CNN’s Van Jones, working in UN refugee camps during the Syrian crisis, or participating in disaster relief efforts in hurricane-stricken Texas, Aoki sees the potential of harnessing public attention for meaningful causes. As a model, Aoki openly shares her journey of balancing academics, philanthropy, and modeling on social media. After graduating from Harvard at 20 years old, she announced her decision to pursue full time modeling with a promise to incorporate her interests and education every step of the way, and maintain her voice in the public sphere. With a growing group of social media followers and features in publications like Vogue, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, The Cut , Essence, and Complex, her voice continues to amplify the things she is passionate about in life. As she begins her full time career as a model, public figure, and charitable ambassador, her focus is dedicated to using her growing audience in fashion to create a positive impact in the world and to continue to work with those who support models with strong values and voices of their own.