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SORA CHOI’s introduction into modeling pays homage to fate, she had agreed to accompany a nervous friend as moral support, little did she expect to be the one leaving with the offer from the agency. It all felt like a dream until she was facing the bright lights and multitude of photographers for her first runway show. Since then, Sora has walked countless runways, and acquired the most impressive list of editorial work, being shot for Vogue Italia, Vogue US , British Vogue, V Magazine, Vogue China, Vogue Korea just to name a few. Her list of campaigns equal in caliber, including the likes of Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Coach, Prada, Hugo Boss, Fendi, Dior, Tom Ford, and Salvatore Ferragamo. Her deep appreciation for modeling is exuberant and her edgy, yet romantic style will continue to mesmerize those she encounters. Sora’s world is occupied by the things she loves most - fashion, friends, and her husband. Most of her time is dedicated to her career and brief moments of reset in between the traveling it requires. When she does have free time you’ll likely see her surrounded by a huge group of friends - leaving you to wonder how she’s able to balance it all.