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After choosing the location, the bride began her quest to find the perfect dress. “Working in the fashion industry for years, I always adored and was in awe of Christian Dior designs,” Valery says. “They are so elegant and celebrate women's bodies, so I chose to have a haute couture Christian Dior dress. I had a clear idea of what I wanted and the execution was better than I could have imagined.” Meanwhile, Olivier Rousteing and his team at Balmain created three dresses for Valery to wear across the weekend—each one had a different style, shape, and form, but what tied them all together was the symbol of a white rose.

Dimitri wore a made-to-measure Dior suit. “He has a very conservative style so it fit him perfectly,” Valery says. The bride’s makeup was done by her friend Georgi Sandev. “It was important for me to have close friends with me during this special moment,” she says.

Before the ceremony, Valery and her mother shared a private moment as she put on her dress. “We both started to cry,” the bride says. “The emotions got extra intense.” Afterwards, Valery took her godfather by his hand, and they began her walk down the aisle. “He was so sweet and nervous, asking me every second if he was walking too fast. It was very good to have him distract me from getting too emotional.”

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