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Vosa Spirits is a new vodka-based canned cocktail with a famous face behind it. Supermodel, actress and entrepreneur Kate Upton has joined the brand as co-owner, alongside cofounders Spencer Bailey and Michela Drago.

In her role, Upton will actively participate in the development of new flavors, packaging design and marketing strategies, while working to expand the company’s consumer base.

“After trying Vosa, I was really excited about the company,” Upton tell Forbes. “I've tried so many products in the space, and none of them really checked all the boxes. I've always cared about what ingredients I put in my body, and Vosa brings the highest quality ingredients, with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. As I've gotten older and become a mother, what you put in your body affects your health, hormones, mood and hangovers. The better the ingredients, the faster you recover.”